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Policies and Procedures Manual



1.1 Mission Statement

1.2 Statement of Origin

1.3 Statement of Authority—Trustee Bylaws

1.4 Statement of Authority—Policies of Government

1.5 General Objectives

1.5A Library Bill of Rights

1.5B Freedom to Read Statement

1.5C Freedom to View Statement

1.6 Services of the Library



2. Board of Trustees Bylaws



            3.1 Budget and Finances

            3.2 Investments

            3.3 Purchasing

                     3.31 Insurance Coverage

                     3.32 Professional Services

                     3.33 Library Materials

                     3.34 General Purchases and Maintenance Repairs

                     3.35 Public Works

                     3.36 Emergency Situations


4.1 Library Cards

4.1A Application for Library Card—English

4.1A Application for Library Card—Spanish

                    4.11 Individual (Personal) Card

                    4.12 School Card

                                    4.12A Materials Lending Guidelines

                                    4.12B Materials Lending Contract

                                    4.12C Materials Lending Letter (School/Business)

4.13 Organizational or Business Card

                    4.14 Non-Resident Card

                    4.14A Stone County Non-Resident Card Holder Agreement

4.15 Rules for Use of Library Card

                    4.15A Congratulations!  You Have a Library Card

4.2 Denial or Limit of Service

4.3 Lending of Library Materials

                    4.31 Statement of Purpose

4.32 Loan Periods

4.33 Renewals

4.34 Holds

                    4.34A Accessing Online “My Account” and Placing Holds

4.35 Staff Materials Borrowing

4.4 IntraLibrary Loan (within library system)

4.5 InterLibrary Loan (outside library system)

4.6 Confidentiality of Library Records

4.7 Overdues, Fees, and Suspensions

                    4.71 Overdues

                    4.72 Fees

                                    4.72A Fees and Limits

4.73 Suspension of Borrower Privileges

4.74 Electronic Payments



5.1 Photocopier, Microfilm/fiche, Fax Machines, and Scanners

            5.1A Fax Procedures

5.2 Internet, WiFi, and Computer Use

                      5.21 Internet and Computer Use

                                    5.21A Internet and Computer Use Handout

                                    5.21B Computer Use Sign In Sheet

                      5.22 WiFi Use

                                    5.22A WiFi Use Handout

 5.3 Telephone And Cell Phone Use

5.4 Patron Comments

                        5.4A Patron Comment Form

5.5 Conduct on Library Premises

                        5.51 Statement of Purpose

                        5.52 Patron Rules of Conduct

                        5.53 Smoke Free Environment

                        5.54 Petitioning and Solicitation

          5.6 Unattended Minors

5.7 Accident/Incident Report

                        5.7A Accident/Incident Report Form

5.8 Exam Proctoring

5.8A Proctoring Request

5.9 Reference and Information Services

5.10 Library Programs

 5.10A Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Release Form for Participation in Physical Activity

 5.10B Photo Non-Consent Form 

 5.10C Agreement for Personal Equipment Loan for Library Use    

5.11 Outreach

                        5.111 Public Relations and the Communities

                        5.112 Relationship with Schools and Businesses

                                    4.13A Materials Lending Contract

5.12 Library Hours

                        5.12A Branch List

                        5.121 Holidays

5.13 Emergency Procedures

                        5.131 General Evacuation Procedures

                                    5.131A Evacuation/Emergency Information

                        5.132 Threats to Building and Personal Security

                        5.133 Fire

                        5.134 Tornados and Thunderstorms

                        5.135 Earthquake

                        5.136 Health Emergencies

                        5.137 Inclement Weather/Emergency Closing

5.14 Procedures for Law Enforcement Inquiries

                        5.141 Procedures for Law Enforcement Inquiries with a Subpoena

                        5.142 Procedures for Law Enforcement Inquiries with a Search Warrant

                        5.143 Procedures for Law Enforcement Inquiries with a Warrant Issued Under the

                                  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) (USA Patriot Act


5.15 Notary Services



6.1 Statement of Purpose

6.2 Materials Selection

                    6.21 Censorship                     

6.22 Customer Request for Reconsideration of Material

                    6.22A Request for Reconsideration of Material

                    6.23 Bindery

6.3 Withdrawal and Disposal of Discarded Material

6.3A Withdrawal and Reassignment Procedures

6.4 Gifts and Memorials

6.4A Receipt of Charitable Donation

6.5 Copyright

6.6 Pests



7.1 Branch Facilities  

7.2 Joining the Consolidated Library District and Establishing New Branches

                     7.21 Petitioning by a County, City, Municipal, School, or Public Library District

                     7.22 Requirements for Physical Facility

                     7.23 New Branch Guidelines

           7.24 Re-evaluation of Branches

7.3 Construction and/or Renovation of Branches

                     7.31 Planning

                     7.32 Funding

                     7.33 Naming of Library Facilities and Interior Rooms

7.4 Displays and Exhibits

7.5 Distribution of Free Materials

7.6 Use of Library Meeting Rooms and Study Rooms

                    7.6A Meeting Room Responsibility Form

7.6B Meeting Room Fees

7.6C Study Room Sign In Sheet


8.1 Friends Of The Library



9.1 Library Employment

9.2 Application for Employment

9.3 Volunteers

                        9.3A Library Volunteer Application

                        9.3B Volunteer Agreement



            10.1 Maintenance and Service Procedures

                        10.1A Maintenance/Repair/Service Report Form

                        10.1B Maintenance Request Form

            10.3 Reports to be Filed with the Regional Office

                        10.3A Postage/Petty Cash Report

                        10.3B Monthly Stats

                        10.3C Branch Activity Report

                        10.3D In Library Material Use Count

                        10.3E Information Statistics—Weekly Totals

                        10.3F Uncataloged Materials Use Count

                        10.3G Record of Monies

            10.4 Supply/Postage Requests

                        10.4A Supply/Postage Request Form

            10.5 Shelving Rules for Fiction

            10.6 Label/Stamp Procedures

            10.7 Checking In and Proofing New Material

            10.8 Material Purchase Requests

            10.9 Branch Evaluations

                        10.9A Branch Evaluation Checklist

                        10.9B Branch Evaluation Form

  10.10   Steam to Go Kits Agreement Form


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