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Library Telephones

Library telephones are maintained for library business use only. Public use may be permitted in case of an emergency or at a staff member’s discretion.

The library telephone may not be used for personal business of patrons, which includes but is not limited to:

· Using the telephone to place an order for personal items.

· Dialing 1-800/1-888 numbers or long distance phone calls to businesses, friends, or relatives.

· Any calling that is personal in nature.

Patrons must ask a library employee to use the telephone and state the reason for the request. Patrons will only be allowed to use the telephone at the front desk. Phone calls must be brief; no more than two minutes.

Staff reserves the right to monitor all use of the library phones by the public, and reserve the right to advise that the subject matter of the call is not within library policy.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is allowed. Patrons may be asked to:

· Turn the ringer to vibrate or off.

· Be respectful of those around them.

· Be asked to lower their voice.

· Exit the building for extended conversations.

· Refrain from using their phone at the front desk.

Library staff are encouraged to keep their personal use of library telephones and personal cell phones to a minimum.

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