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“Connecting People to the Transforming Power of Knowledge”

Connect, Transform, Inspire

As a two-county consolidated library district, our mission is to:

· Provide an organized collection of books and related educational and recreational materials for the residents of Barry and Lawrence counties

· Give guidance in their use

· Assist people in their search for reliable information and for enjoyment

· Encourage continuous self-education in order to advance an enlightened citizenship and to enrich personal lives

A variety of programs, including story hours, home school enrichment, summer reading promotions, book talks, exhibits, movies, and other cultural events will be provided for all ages. Cooperation with other libraries and with schools, both public and private, will be a priority. Cooperation with groups and community agencies to provide stimulating educational and cultural activities will be encouraged in all branches.

Technological applications that enhance library services will be provided. The impact of technology, specifically electronic communication and information, is crucial in today’s society. It is the aim of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library to provide public access computers for word processing, Internet access, e-mail, and educational software. In addition, an integrated automated network for circulation of library materials, an electronic database of library branch holdings, and information databases will be provided. Technology and telecommunications are an integral part of the overall library program, enhancing collections and library services.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, March 1996

Revisions February 2003 and October 2017

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