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Designated library staff at any Barry-Lawrence Regional Library branch location may proctor both written and online exams for students. The Library reserves the right to offer proctoring services based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology to do so. Proctoring is a value added fee based service which is required to be paid prior to taking the exam. Fees are as follows:

· $5.00 per exam (written and online) for library card holders in good standing.

· $10.00 per exam (written) for those without library cards—residents and non-residents. A library card is required for online tests.

· In addition to the proctoring fee, the student must pay all costs associated with the proctored exam. These include, but are not limited to, charges for printouts, photocopies, faxes, and postage. The library is not responsible for any costs in obtaining or returning the examination.


· All exams are to be taken on site. No test will be proctored unless the student is physically present.

· All exams are proctored by appointment only and must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance of test time in order to ensure both proctor and space availability. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Library if they are unable to make the appointment.

· Exams will be scheduled during the library’s open hours and during the designated proctor’s regular work hours. Tests must be completed 15 minutes before the library closes.

· Student must call prior to their appointment to make sure the test or login information has arrived. It is not the proctor’s responsibility to contact the student.

· Students are responsible for obtaining all information necessary to take a test online. All online tests are subject to the rules, time limits, and restrictions of the Computer Use Policy.

· Proctors are not able to monitor a student continuously during an exam, but will check on the student periodically. The library cannot guarantee quiet work spaces, but will try to place test taker away from high traffic areas.

· The student is required to come prepared with the items required for taking the exam, such as pencils, paper, calculator, picture I.D. etc. The library will not provide any supplies.

· Exams not completed by the test taker within 30 days of receipt by the Library will be discarded or returned unless prior arrangements are made.

The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library reserves the right to refuse to proctor any test which fails to comply with the above policies, or interferes with the daily operation of the library.


5.8A Proctoring Request Form
Download PDF • 655KB

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