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The following bylaws are adopted for the Trustees of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library System, in accordance with Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 182:640.


This organization shall be called the Board of Trustees of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library System existing by virtue of the provisions of Chapter 182:640 of the Laws of the State of Missouri, and exercising the powers and authority and assuming the responsibilities delegated to it under the said statute.


SECTION 1. The Board of Trustees shall be composed of eight members. Four members shall be residents of Barry County and four members shall be residents of Lawrence County. Members from each county shall be appointed by the Lawrence and Barry County Commissions respectively. No appointed trustee may be an elected official.

SECTION 2. Members shall be appointed for a four-year term beginning the first day of July. Upon expiration of a trustee's term or if a vacancy occurs on the board, the respective county commission may reappoint the trustee for a four-year term or fill the vacancy with a representative of their respective county. The Board of Trustees may suggest nominations, and/or the county commissions may seek other nominations to select members for appointment.

SECTION 3. Vacancies in the board occasioned by removal, resignations, or otherwise shall be reported to the county commission and shall be filled in like manner as original appointments; except that, if the vacancy occurs during an unexpired term, the appointment shall be for only the unexpired portion of that term.

SECTION 4. Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings. Any member of the board of trustees who fails to attend, without good cause, six consecutive board meetings in a fiscal year may be removed by resolution of the board of trustees, duly acted upon, after specification of charge and hearing.


SECTION 1. The officers shall be a president, a vice president, and a secretary/treasurer, elected from among the appointed trustees at the annual board meeting in June. All officers of the board shall serve at the pleasure of the board, and shall not receive any salary, gratuity or other compensation.


SECTION 2. Officers shall serve a term of one year from the annual meeting at which they are elected and until their successors are duly elected. Any vacancy which occurs between annual meetings shall be filled at the next regular board meeting.

SECTION 3. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the president one month prior to the annual meeting who will present a slate of officers at the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

SECTION 4. The president shall preside at all meetings of the board, authorize calls for any special meetings, appoint all committees, execute all documents authorized by the board, serve as an ex-officio voting member of all committees, and generally perform all duties associated with that office.

SECTION 5. The vice president, in the event of the absence or disability of the president, or of a vacancy in that office, shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the president.

SECTION 6. The secretary/treasurer performs such duties as are generally associated with that office. He/she may select a recording secretary who shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings.


SECTION 1. The regular meeting shall be held each month, the date and hour to be set by the board at its annual meeting, which will be held in June. The board shall not be required to meet more than ten times in any calendar year.

SECTION 2. The order of business for regular meetings shall include, but not be limited to, the following items:

a) Call to order

b) Roll Call

c) Public presentation to, or discussion with, the board

d) Disposition of minutes of previous regular meeting and any intervening special meeting

e) Financial report of the library

f) Progress and service report of director

g) Committee reports

h) Communications

i) Unfinished business

j) New business

k) Closed session, if requested by the board president or director

l) Adjournment


SECTION 3. Special meetings may be called by the president, or at the written request of two members, place to be designated, for the transaction of business stated in the call for the meeting.

SECTION 4. The time, date, place, and tentative agenda for each meeting of the board shall be posted a minimum of one working day prior to the meeting date. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 610.011 of the laws of the state of Missouri, all meetings of this public governmental body shall be open to the public.

SECTION 5. A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting shall consist of five members of the board present in person.

SECTION 6. Conduct of meetings: Proceedings of all meetings shall be governed by Canon’s Rules of Order.

SECTION 7. Closed session may be requested by the board president or director for the purposes outlined in Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 610.022. Notice of a closed session and the purpose shall be posted at the meeting place at least 24 hours in advance.


The board shall appoint a duly qualified Masters in Library Science graduate librarian as library director. He/she shall be the executive and administrative officer of the consolidated public library district on behalf of the board and under its review and direction. The library director is charged with the following duties:

a) Carrying out the policies adopted by the board

b) Reporting regularly on progress and plans

c) Specifying the duties of all employees

d) Responsible for the proper direction and supervision of the staff

e) Responsible for hiring and firing of all staff

f) Responsible for the care and maintenance of all library property

g) Responsible for the adequate and proper selection of books and library materials in accordance with the collection development policy and within the limits of the library budget

h) Responsible for maintenance of all library collections

i) Responsible for preparation of the financial budget for the library district in conjunction with the board of trustees

j) Keeping financial records and accounts according to generally accepted accounting standards and reports to the board monthly

k) Responsible for grant writing, when appropriate

l) Responsible for the management and investment of library district funds


m) Responsible for the efficiency of library service to the public and for the financial operation of the library district within the limitations of the annual budgeted appropriation.

n) Responsible for planning, implementing, and upgrading all technology for the library district.

Director Serves as Financial Officer:

The library director shall attend all board meetings. The library director shall serve as chief financial officer without additional compensation, shall prepare and present complete financial status reports for monthly approval of the board, showing the amounts budgeted and the amounts spent to date. The library director shall prepare and present an annual budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. A copy of the approved budged shall be filed with each county commission. The library director shall be the disbursing officer, sign all checks and perform such duties as required by the office.

Annual Reporting Procedures:

The library director shall give a full financial report, stating the condition of the library and its services, as of the thirtieth day of June of the preceding fiscal year. An independent audit shall be approved by the board of trustees and must be submitted by the thirty-first (31st) day of October to each county commission and by the thirty-first (31st) day of December to the state auditor and the Missouri State Library.


The library director shall be bonded with a corporate surety bond in such amount as may be fixed by resolution of the board. A copy of such bond shall be filed with the clerk for each county included within the consolidated public library district. In the absence of the library director (chief financial officer), his/her duties shall be performed by two officers of the board.

Corporate Resolution:

A corporate authorization resolution shall be passed when officers are elected at the annual meeting. This resolution determines who has the authority to act on financial matters for the library district, in the absence of the library director (chief financial officer).


SECTION 1. The president shall appoint committees of two or more members each for such specific purposes as the business of the board may require from time to time. The committee shall be considered to be discharged upon the completion of the purpose for which it was appointed and after the final report is made to the board.


SECTION 2. All committees shall make a progress report to the library board at each board meeting.


1. Employ a competent and duly qualified graduate library director as the chief executive and administrative officer.

2. Determine and adopt written policies to govern the operation and program of the consolidated public library district.

3. Show concern both collectively and individually with results rather than methods, and hold the library director responsible for attaining the desired results.

4. Secure adequate funds to carry on the library district's program.

5. Review and approve the annual operating budget after making any changes that it deems necessary. The budget shall be approved on or before June 30th preceding the fiscal year for which the budget was prepared.

6. Receive and accept gifts, endowments, or bequests to the library district.

7. Actively participate in the legislative process to promote change that will benefit the library district and users.

8. Be familiar with what constitutes good library service. Trustees are encouraged to attend regional and state library meetings, workshops, and to visit other libraries. Within the limits of the budget, trustees may be reimbursed for registration fees, reasonable mileage, and overnight accommodations for such sessions.

9. Attend all board meetings and see that accurate records are kept on file at the regional office.

10. Trustees should not seek or expect special privileges with regard to library services; nor profit in any way personally by any policy or activity of the board.

11. No person shall be employed by the library board or the library director who is related within the third degree by blood or by marriage to any trustee of the board.

12. No trustee shall receive any fee, salary, gratuity or other compensation for acting as such; except that he/she may be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. Mileage expenses at a set rate per mile will be reimbursed to trustees for attendance at board meetings at the start of the fiscal year.


13. Show support for library programs and the library staff in all contact with the public by reporting immediately and directly to the library director any criticisms of library services or library staff.

14. Board members shall refer all questions, comments, or complaints concerning personnel matters to the director.

15. Board members shall not make individual decisions or take action on library matters that would negatively influence the public towards the library system.

16. Board members should at all times promote a positive public image with regard to the library system.

17. Action may be taken to remove a board member by a majority vote for violation of stated trustee bylaws.


SECTION 1. Library board members must pass and sign a Code of Ethics conflict of interest ordinance every two years.

SECTION 2. A certified copy of the ordinance must be submitted to the Missouri Ethics Commission no later than September 15th.


SECTION 1. Directors and Officers liability insurance coverage is carried by the library district to protect board members against personal liability.


SECTION 1. An affirmative vote of the majority of all members of the board present at the time shall be necessary to approve any action before the board. The president may vote upon and may move or second a proposal before the board.

SECTION 2. Proposed amendments shall be included on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Proposed amendments require two readings and a majority vote of the board to pass.


Adopted by the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, March 21, 1996

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, January 14, 1999

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, May 10, 2007

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, November 4, 2010

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, December 17, 2010

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, October 19, 2017

Section 1 – Section 4.7

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, November 16, 2017

Section 5.1 – Section 5.7

Amended and Approved by Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees, March 15, 2018

Section 5.8 – Section 10

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