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It is necessary for the library district to maintain the equipment and buildings in the district in order to make the best use of our resources. The Branch Supervisor of each facility has the ultimate responsibility for reporting any needed maintenance or repairs. All work done in a branch location must first be authorized through the Regional Office. No one in the branches is authorized to call service people.

Before requesting maintenance or repairs staff should attempt to troubleshoot the problem (if appropriate. Check the basics first.


· Is it plugged in?

· Does it have toner, paper, etc? Is there a paper jam?

· Have you checked the manual? All branches have manuals for the equipment in your branch. Make sure that all staff know where the manuals are located.


· If staff or customers notify you of a situation verify the problem.

· Try to get familiar with your building to be aware of when it’s a problem or not.

· Contact the Regional Office about leaky roofs, leaky faucets, running toilets, A/C or furnace problems, etc. by phone, by e-mail, or by filling out the “Maintenance Request Form”.

When you call the Regional Office to report a problem be prepared to answer questions.

· What is the problem?

· Where is the problem?

· What have you done, if anything, to solve the problem?

The more information that you provide the better we are able to help resolve the situation. We will call a service person if needed and let you know what to expect.

· Please notify ALL staff when you have called to report a problem and what the problem is.

· Please notify ALL staff if a service person is scheduled and what they will be doing.

· We ask service companies to let you know when they arrive and what they will be doing. Please make sure that they do the work that they are supposed to do on the right equipment or area of the building. If there is a problem CALL the Regional Office right away.

Most important of all—Notify the Regional Office when service or maintenance personnel have been to your branch. You must submit a Maintenance/Repair/Service Report as soon as possible.


10.1A Maintenance/Repair/Service Report Form

10.1A Maintenance Repair Service Report Form
Download PDF • 249KB

10.1B Maintenance Request Form

10.1B Maintenance Request Form
Download PDF • 257KB

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