• To provide all individuals and groups with an organized collection of books and related educational and recreational materials; to give guidance in their use; to help people in the search for greater understanding, reliable information and pure intellectual enjoyment; and to encourage continuous self-education in order to advance an enlightened citizenship and to enrich personal lives.

  • To provide a place where people may find original, unorthodox, or critical ideas necessary to a society that depends for its survival on free competition among ideas.

  • To present programs, book talks, exhibits, movies, story hours, summer reading programs, activities, and cultural events for patrons of all ages.

  • To cooperate with schools and other public libraries whenever possible.

  • To cooperate with groups and agencies in the community in providing stimulating educational and cultural activities.

  • To provide free library service to residents of Barry and Lawrence counties and serve the communities as a center of reliable information.

  • To support the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement, and Freedom to View Statement.


1.5A Library Bill of Rights

1.5B Freedom to Read Statement

1.5C Freedom to View Statement