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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

By the 5th of each month:

· Postage and petty cash expenditure report.

· Full time employees’ time sheets (signed).

· Monthly stats.

· Branch activity reports.

Before the 15th of each month:

· Utility bills to be paid.

· Maintenance items to be paid.

· Travel slips to be paid.

· Invoices that need to be paid.

After the 20th of each month:

· Part time employees’ time sheets (signed by both Supervisor and employee. Beginning date of time sheet is the 20th of the previous month. Ending date of time sheet is the 19th of the current month.

· Staff proposed schedule for the next month.

· Request for postage money (on pink supply order form).


· In library material use count form.

· Information statistics week—weekly totals form


· Annual vacation request and approval form due by March 1st each year.

· Uncataloged materials use count due by May 15th each year.

Filed at any time:

· Record of monies received

· Supply requests.

· Travel form for mileage payment.

· Leave Request Form

· Outstanding bills or maintenance items.


10.3A Postage/Petty Cash Report

10.3A Postage--Petty Cash Report
Download PDF • 77KB

10.3G Record of Monies

10.3G Record of Monies
Download PDF • 123KB

10.3B Monthly Stats

Download PDF • 78KB

10.4A Supply Postage Requests

10.4A Request for Postage--Supplies
Download PDF • 576KB

10.3C Branch Activity Report

Monthly Branch Activity Report 22
Download PDF • 77KB

5.1 C Employee Time Sheet (personnel)

10.3D In Library Material Use Count

10.3D In Library Material Use Count
Download XLSX • 23KB

6.6A Mileage Travel Request Form (personnel)

10.3E Information Statistics—Weekly Totals

10.3E Information Statistics--Weekly Totals
Download XLSX • 23KB

7.1A Vacation Request and Approval Form (personnel)

10.3F Uncataloged Materials Use Count

10.3F Uncataloged Material Counts
Download PDF • 112KB

7.1B Leave Request Form (personnel)

10.10 Steam to Go Kits Agreement Form:

“Steam to Go Kits” Checkout Agreement 22
Download PDF • 68KB

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