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Interlibrary loan service for books, photocopies of magazine articles, microfilm of census records and microfilm of Missouri newspapers is available to all adult borrowers in good standing. This service is not available to non-resident borrowers.

Audio visual materials (audio cassettes, DVD’s, CD’s, etc.) may not be borrowed. Genealogy titles may not be borrowed other than from libraries specific for this service. Other items that are not available for loan include reference material, microfilm, microfiche, oversized atlases, and periodicals.

The library system provides database access through OCLC First Search and WorldCat. All interlibrary loan requests are handled through the Monett Branch Library.

Limit of 5 items per borrower may be requested at one time.

Charges for Interlibrary Loans are as follows:

· To help offset postage and handling costs there is a minimal fee to borrow an item.

· Census microfilm is charged per roll to cover return charges.

· Newspapers on microfilm borrowed from the Missouri State Historical Society is charged per roll to cover a lending fee plus return charges.

· Any fees assessed by lending libraries.

· Insurance coverage may be requested on more expensive titles.

· Customers are responsible for any assessed fees, even if they choose to not pick up the requested item.

Interlibrary loan privileges may be suspended if materials are not returned promptly, or if postage, fines or damages charged by the lending library are not paid.

Barry-Lawrence Regional Library will lend materials to other established libraries worldwide. Materials may be requested through OCLC First Search and WorldCat online.

The loan period is 28 days. Renewal is possible for an additional 28 days at the discretion of the owning library.

The library reserves the right to restrict or not restrict the lending of materials.


4.72A Fees and Limits

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