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Barry-Lawrence Regional Cooperative Libraries was initially established on July 13, 1954 when the library boards of Barry and Lawrence Counties jointly agreed to join in providing library service to the counties. The Monett Library merged with the cooperating county system in August 1961. Monett, being centrally located between the two counties, became the chosen site for regional administration. In 1973, the library district became the first two-county consolidated library district in the state of Missouri under RSA 182.610. The consolidated public library district is supported by a tax levy from Barry and Lawrence counties, Missouri state aid and miscellaneous service income.


The trustee bylaws (see Section 2) outline the rules and regulations of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Board of Trustees as defined in part by the provision of Chapter 182.640 paragraph 8 of the Laws of the State of Missouri which state: “The board shall make and adopt bylaws, rules and regulations governing the proceedings of the board, including bylaws prescribing the duties of each officer of the board of trustees.”


These policies of government contain the rules, regulations, and procedures of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library System. The rules are governed in part by the provision of Chapter 182:640 paragraph 10 of the Laws of the State of Missouri which state: “The board of trustees of a consolidated public library district shall adopt policies for the government of the consolidated public library district that will carry out the spirit and intent of section 182:610 to 182:670…”

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