The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system provides books and materials for information, entertainment, intellectual development, and enrichment of the people served.

The library system endeavors to:

· Select, organize, and make available necessary books and materials

· Provide guidance and assistance to users and borrowers

· Initiate programs, exhibits, activities, etc. for all ages

· Cooperate with other community agencies and organizations

· Secure information beyond its own resources when requested

· Lend to other libraries upon request

· Maintain a balance in its services to various age groups

· Cooperate with, but not perform the functions of, schools or other institutional libraries

· Provide service during hours which best meet the needs of the communities

· Provide service outlets located at points of maximum interest and use

· Periodically review library service being offered

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The following bylaws are adopted for the Trustees of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library System, in accordance with Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 182:640. ARTICLE I: NAME This organization shall

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