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7.31 Planning

Planning documents for library construction projects are based on a building program which includes information collected from tools such as the Public Library Data Service and other appropriate guidelines for library buildings and the library district’s own strategic plan, service needs, site analysis, and internal space analysis. The Library Director will consult with other librarians and visit other sites where a similar project is in process or has just been completed. Library consultants and other experts will be used when appropriate.

Plans for new library construction, an addition, or renovation to an existing facility must be designed by an architect certified to practice in Missouri. Engineers involved in construction projects must also be certified by the State of Missouri (RSMo 327.011 – 327.645). Architectural and engineering services are based on RSMo 8.285 – 8.291.

The physical facility planned shall be adequate to carry out the library district’s service plans with consideration to future growth.

Building plans for new facilities, additions or renovations shall be in compliance with federal, state, and local laws including fire, safety, sanitation, handicapped accessibility, energy conservation, and any other state and local codes or regulations.

7.32 Funding

The Board of Trustees requires local communities to raise funds towards the construction or renovation of new or existing branches. The Board of Trustees may assist with local fundraising and efforts will be made to apply for available and appropriate grant funds.

The Board of Trustees has the authority to purchase property using either collected or donated funds for the purpose of new branch construction, if funds are available.

The Board of Trustees may provide for the purchase of ground and for the erection of public library buildings, and the improvement of existing buildings, and for the furnishing of the buildings and may provide for the payment of the same by the issue of bonds or otherwise, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in RSMo 182.655.

The Board of Trustees may notify the county commissions and request in writing that an annual tax be levied as an increased rate of taxation for the purpose of paying expenses necessary for the erection and furnishing of library buildings. The question must be submitted to the voters of the consolidated district in both Barry and Lawrence counties. A simple majority vote is required for approval under the provisions of RSMo 182.650.

The Board of Trustees may borrow money on behalf of the library district.

7.33 Naming of Library Facilities and Interior Rooms

The naming of all new library buildings, including new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation, expansion, or remodeling, is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

While the Board is grateful for and encourages donations from all individuals, businesses and organizations, the Board has the right to decline any gift to the library and/or reject naming proposals.

Preference is given to naming facilities with geographic or functional designations. The Board of Trustees may decide to honor an individual for his or her significant and outstanding contribution to the community in keeping with the nature and mission of the library. When this option is pursued, input from the community will be solicited. Persons currently holding political office or serving in any official capacity on the Board of Trustees or staff will not be considered for naming opportunities.

The Board may also choose to name the building in honor of a donor or donors who request naming rights and who contribute a minimum of 25 percent of the total project costs or a number agreed upon by the Board, including construction, equipment, furnishings, and collections for the building as part of the acceptance of such gift. Buildings will not be named for corporations or religious organizations, regardless of the size of the gift.

When a new building is planned or an existing building is undergoing extensive renovations, the Board of Trustees may designate specific interior naming opportunities. Interior naming opportunities may be made available to individuals, families, foundations, and corporations making a significant contribution to the project, as determined by the square-footage costs of the specific area of interest, plus the cost of new equipment or collections for that area. The Library Director, in consultation with the Board of Trustees will determine the manner by which interior naming opportunities will be recognized, i.e. signage and plaques.

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