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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Photocopiers, microfilm/fiche readers, faxing, and scanners are available to the public during normal business hours. Cost of each copy is posted.

Patrons may make multiple copies within reason, preferably no more than 25 copies. Patrons will be charged a higher fee for 26 or more copies. All copies that are not strictly a part of library business must be made at the specified fee.

Staff will assist with the use of photocopiers, microfilm/fiche readers, and scanners when needed and as time allows.

Staff handles the sending and receiving of fax messages for the public at a specified fee. No foreign faxes may be sent. Customers who receive private documents should request that the sender place the recipient’s name and phone number on the fax cover sheet. Library staff will not be responsible if unable to identify and locate the recipient.

The use of scanners and photocopiers are subject to U.S. Copyright law. Patrons are responsible for all scanned and photocopied materials in accordance with all copyright laws. Library staff will not assist in making copies and scans of materials from an electronic source deemed in violation of federal copyright laws and regulations.


4.72A Fees and Limits Schedule
Download PDF • 112KB

5.1A Fax Procedures

Revised by the Board of Trustees, August 18, 2022

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