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1. Each branch is responsible for mailing out letters and contracts as well as sending overdue reminders and bills. Changes to letters, contract, or bill format must be approved by Regional Office.

2. School/business contracts will be mailed out by each individual branch in early summer (May or June).

3. As contracts are received the branches will be responsible for updating the cards on the circulation system.

4. Procedure for updating card (if they have one) in the computer and reminders:

a. Basic information: Borrower type and Alternate ID should both say School.

b. Change expiration date to one year from date contract is signed.

c. Contact Information: Edit the address and phone number(s) given (if needed).

d. Borrower Fields: Responsible Party should be the school name

e. Authorized users: Include all names authorized on the school contract.

f. Separate cards that have been issued to any teachers that have chosen to have a card under the school contract should also be updated.

g. Important: If any teachers from past years do not appear on the current school contract their names will need to be deleted.

5. Make a copy of the contract and send it to the Regional Office where a master file will be kept. You keep and file the copy. Make sure to keep a master list so that you know who to send contracts to each year. Regional Office will not do this.

6. Use the same process for business contracts, which include day cares, nursing homes, etc.

Policies and Procedures—Section 4.12 School Card—4.12A

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