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Updated: Feb 29

4.71 Overdues

Barry-Lawrence Regional Library does not charge fines for overdue materials. However, interlibrary loan items borrowed from outside the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system are subject to an extended use fee if not returned by the due date requested.

Borrowers shall be responsible for all library materials charged on their library cards and for all replacement charges for lost or damaged items.

The parent or guardian of a dependent’s card shall be responsible for all replacement charges for lost or damaged books incurred on the dependent’s card.

Schools, learning facilities, and organizational entities shall be responsible for all replacement charges for lost or damaged books incurred using the school or organizational/business card.

Borrowers shall receive a first notice for any item that is overdue ten (10) days beyond the due date. This is a reminder and is sent as a courtesy to the library borrower.

The automated system is set up to prevent borrowers from checking out items if any items are currently overdue.

4.72 Fees

A bill for replacement costs of library materials will be mailed after such material has been overdue for twenty-eight (28) days or if requested by the borrower for lost or damaged materials.

Bills may include a statement of the Missouri Revised Statute 570.210 relative to library theft.

A processing fee per item will be charged in addition to replacement value. Library materials must be returned or the billing paid in full or arrangements to pay be made with the branch supervisor.

If an item is paid for and then returned, no refund will be made. The patron has the option of making a donation to the library or owning the book.

Borrowers will not be held responsible for materials lost due to such misfortunes as fire and flood.


4.72A Fees and Limits Schedule
Download PDF • 82KB

4.73 Suspension of Borrower Privileges

Borrower privileges will be suspended for any customer that has been billed for overdue items.

The branch supervisor has the authority to revoke the borrowing privileges of any borrower who chronically abuses library rules.

A patron who has had borrowing privileges revoked is not allowed to use any branch in the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system until all charges have been cleared.

4.74 Electronic Payments

The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library accepts credit and debit cards as a form of payment for fees or donations by adults aged 18 and older. A third-party provider (PayPal) is used to process transactions. The library accepts most major payment vendors, such as Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. NFC contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are also accepted. The minimum to use a credit/debit card for payment is $1.00.

Patrons may only make payments in person at the library and only by the authorized payment account holder. No credit/debit card transactions will be accepted via phone, fax, email, or any other forms of electronic communication.

Payments may only be accepted for established library fines, fees or donations, including:

· Lost or damaged materials fees

· Copy and print charges

· Library product sales (headphones, memory sticks, etc.)

· Non-refundable meeting room fees

· Notary services (Cassville, Eagle Rock, Marionville, Monett, Mt. Vernon, and Shell Knob )

· Used book sales

· Asset sales

· Donations

The library will not process transactions resulting in cash advances or cash back.

Every transaction requires an authorized signature by the account holder. Debit card users require a PIN, entered by the cardholder.

Printed receipts are not provided, but may be requested via e-mail or SMS during the signature portion of the transaction.

4.74 Electronic Payments (continued)

The library reserves the right to refuse service or cancel transactions at any time if fraud or an unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected. Completion of a payment transaction is contingent upon both the authorization of payment by the applicable credit card company or financial institution and acceptance of payment by the Library. In the event that a credit/debit card payment is unable to be processed, the customer will be responsible for providing payment via cash or check for the amount due.

When a refund is necessary, the refund will be credited to the account that was originally charged. Credit/debit card refunds cannot be made more than 180 days after the transaction. Refunds in excess of the original amount paid or cash refunds are prohibited. Refunds are made at the discretion of the supervisor on duty and are subject to approval by the Director.

Credit/debit card transaction details collected are encrypted at point of swipe, dip, or tap. The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library does not keep any records of the payment information that is not necessary to process the transaction. The library uses a third-party, PCI (payment card industry) compliant merchant services vendor. Library staff shall ensure the credit/debit card remains within sight of the customer at all times. The library will cooperate with the patron, merchant services vendor, and card issuer to resolve any disputes pertaining to charge/debit transactions conducted at the library, and will act as a responsible organization by immediately reporting any security incidents to appropriate authorities. In the event that the Library is notified of a dispute, the Director and Administrative Assistant will investigate the transaction and respond as necessary.

By processing, the patron agrees to accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for the losses and damages that may arise from their use of this payment service and release the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library from all liability.

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