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All new employees shall successfully serve a three (3) month introductory period after their initial appointment. Employees shall have a monthly conference and written evaluation with their immediate supervisor. The evaluations and employee’s progress will be reported to the Library Director. These evaluations should help to determine if the employee has the willingness and the abilities to carry out duties and objectives of the library system as a whole and demonstrate willingness to cooperate with other members of the library system.

  • Month One (1): Conference Notes and Initial Employment Evaluation

  • Month Two (2): Conference Notes

  • Month Three (3): Conference Notes and “What Would You Do?” Evaluation

The introductory period may be extended if the immediate supervisor needs more time to evaluate the employee’s ability to perform successfully.

New full time employees will receive full benefits after the first three (3) months of employment. No insurance benefits (other than worker’s compensation), sick leave, or vacation leave is allowed during the first three (3) months of employment. Part time employees will receive the holiday pay benefit if it falls on a day that they are normally scheduled to work.


8.1A Conference Notes
Download PDF • 37KB
8.1B Initial Employment Evaluation
Download PDF • 81KB
8.1C What Would you Do
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