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Employees are required to submit time sheets on a timely basis. Forms used for time sheets are provided by the library district. Time sheets must be reviewed for accuracy, signed by the supervisor, and submitted to the regional office. If corrections or modifications are made to a time sheet, the employee and the supervisor must verify the accuracy of the changes by initialing the changes.

The pay period for part time hourly employees is from the 20th of the month through the 19th of the following month. The pay period for full time salaried employees is from the first to the last day of the month.

Falsification of time sheets and/or filling out another employee’s time sheet without authority is prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Non-exempt employees are required to complete their individual time sheets each day. Employees must report hours actually worked and hours scheduled but not worked, i.e. paid or unpaid time off during normally scheduled work hours. Non-exempt employees are required to record their starting time, time out/in for meal periods, quitting time, and total hours worked each workday. Employees are not permitted to sign in or begin work before the scheduled reporting time or to sign out or stop work after their scheduled quitting time without prior approval of the branch supervisor.

Exempt employees are not required to complete time sheets to report actual hours worked on a daily basis for pay purposes.


Library employees are paid once per month. Paychecks will be processed and distributed by the first day of each month. Paychecks will be mailed or delivered to each branch location. Each branch supervisor is responsible for verifying receipt of paychecks and giving each employee his/her paycheck.


The library is required to deduct federal, FICA, Medicare and state taxes from each paycheck. Additionally, deductions from an employee’s paycheck may be authorized by the employee for benefits such as insurance, additional taxes, etc. Employees should complete the necessary paperwork identifying those deductions they wish to authorize at the beginning of their employment. Should an employee wish to make any changes in their deductions, the appropriate form may be obtained through the regional office.


Pay increases are awarded as a percent of the current base salary/hourly rate and based upon performance. Pay increases will be proposed by the Library Director within the limits of the annual budget and approved by the Board of Trustees. The current employment status will be considered at the time of pay increases, such as an employee on approved leave of absence, an employee that has been placed on probation for disciplinary reasons, or an employee that is still in/has just completed his/her initial employment period.

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