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Updated: Jan 18

Punctuality: Being on time is most important to the efficient operation of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library. Tardiness disrupts productivity and makes it difficult to function effectively. It is the employee’s responsibility to report to work at his/her scheduled starting time and to return from lunch or break periods no later than the allotted time.

Work Schedule: Employees are expected to work the designated hours that they are scheduled to work. Schedules are prepared thirty (30) days in advance. If an employee is unable to work due to illness he/she is expected to notify the supervisor by 8 a.m. to allow for rescheduling. Employees that require a temporary or permanent accommodation to their normal work schedule must make a request in writing using the Job Accommodation Request Form. Any accommodation to the normal work schedule must be approved by the Branch Supervisor and the Library Director or the Branch Supervisor, the Library Director and the Board of Trustees depending on the circumstances.

Evening and Saturday Schedules: All staff may be scheduled for evening or Saturday hours to adequately cover public areas. Full time employees who work an evening shift will work a continuous eight (8) hour day with a one (1) hour meal period allowed. Full time employees scheduled to work on Saturdays will have one other day or half day off during the regular work week.

Meal Period: An UNPAID meal period of thirty (30) or sixty (60) minutes must be taken. Smaller library branches that have no back up staff on duty should close the library for the lunch period after all customers have been served. Employees may not forego the lunch period in order to make up time or shorten the workday.

Breaks: Official breaks are allowed for no more than a fifteen (15) minute duration for every four (4) hours worked. Employees may not forego breaks in order to make up time or shorten the workday.

Overtime: The library does not pay overtime to full time non-exempt employees but does allow compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay.

Compensatory Time: All compensatory time must be approved by the Library Director. Full time non-exempt employees are given compensatory time off in lieu of overtime, at the rate of one and one-half hours for each hour worked in excess of forty (40) hours in any given week. Time worked in excess of a full time non-exempt employee’s regularly scheduled hours, but less than forty (40) hours is awarded at the regular time rate of one (1) hour for one (1) hour subject to the branch supervisor’s discretion. Compensatory time should be used during the pay period in which it is incurred and may not be carried more than thirty (30) days without approval from the Library Director

Emergency Closings: Emergency closings must be approved by the Library Director or the President of the Board of Trustees. If the library branch closes early, opens late, or is closed for the entire day due to inclement weather or other emergencies all regular full time and part time employees are paid for the hours they would normally work (if scheduled for that particular day). However, if the library is open but the full time or part time employee cannot get to work because of the weather, the time may be made up during that pay period or posted as vacation leave.

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