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11.1 EMAIL

Email messages, including attachments, sent and received on library equipment are the property of the library. The library reserves the right to access, monitor, read, and/or copy email messages at any time, for any reason. Employees should not expect privacy for any email sent using library equipment, including messages that are considered to be personal or labeled with a designation such as “Personal” or “Private”.

All policies and rules of conduct apply to employee use of the email system. This means, for example, that an employee may not use the email system to send harassing or discriminatory messages, including messages with explicit sexual content or pornographic images; to send threatening messages; or to reveal confidential information.

The library expects employees to exercise discretion in using electronic communications equipment. When an email is sent using the library’s communication equipment, an employee is representing the library. Messages should be professional and appropriate, in tone and content. Even though email may seem like a private conversation, email can be printed, saved, and forward to unintended recipients.

To avoid email viruses and other threats, employees should not open email attachments from people and businesses they don’t recognize, particularly if the email appears to have been forwarded multiple times or has a nonexistent or peculiar heading. Even if an employee knows the sender, they should not open an attachment that has a strange name or is not referenced in the body of the email—it may have been transmitted automatically, without the sender’s knowledge.

If an employee believes that his/her computer has been infected by a virus, worm, or other security threat to the library’s system, he/she must inform the Computer Technician and the Regional Office immediately.

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