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The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate in any of its employment practices on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical disability unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification.


The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library strives to provide for all its employees a work environment that is pleasant, professional, and free from intimidation, hostility, or other offense that might interfere with work performance. Harassment in any form (verbal, physical, visual) by a customer, another employee, supervisor, director, or board member will not be tolerated.

All employees, especially supervisors, have a responsibility to keep the work environment free of harassment. Any employee who becomes aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told about it, must report it as soon as possible to his/her immediate supervisor or the Library Director.

An employee that feels he/she is being victimized by harassment should immediately contact his/her supervisor or the Library Director. Any validated complaint of harassment will result in immediate and appropriate disciplinary action of the offending party. In the event that the offending part is a member of the Library District’s Board of Trustees, the appointing authority will be immediately notified and a request made that the offending party be immediately removed from the Board.

Some problems may not be satisfactorily resolved through this method; therefore, a formal grievance procedure may be filed (see Grievance Procedure, Section 9.4)

All complaints will be held in the strictest confidence to the extent it does not interfere with the investigation. Retaliation of any sort will not be permitted. If it is found that a charge of harassment is filed maliciously or with malfeasance, the person filing the complaint will be subject to disciplinary action.


Applications—Vacancy: Upon posting of a vacancy, an applicant for the position may file an application with the Library Director. Such application shall include the applicant’s education, experience and ability. Applications will be placed on file for a duration of six months.

Recruitment: When a vacancy occurs, the Library Director may advertise the position. New applications and applications held on file will be considered. When a position becomes available eligible library employees may internally post for a vacant or new position at any branch in the system.

Interview: The Library Director shall review all applications, select qualified candidates, and may interview such applicants as he/she deems necessary to fill the supervisor positions. All candidates for a non-supervisory position may also be interviewed by the supervisor of the branch in which he/she will be working. The Library Director is the final appointing authority and all permanent appointments shall be made by him/her.

Employment of Relatives: It is the goal of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library to avoid creating or perpetuating circumstances in which the possibility of favoritism, conflicts of interest, or impairment of efficient operations may occur. Therefore, while relatives of employees may be hired, relatives may not work in a direct reporting relationship.

Rejected Applicants: Rejected applicants that have been interviewed will receive a letter of notification that the position has been filled. All applications shall be kept on file in the Regional Office for a period of six months.


Application for Employment 1.3A or 9.1A
Download PDF • 353KB
1.3B Internal Application.docx - Google Docs
Download PDF • 72KB
1.3C Telephone Reference Check Form.docx - Google Docs
Download PDF • 71KB


The E-verify program was established to verify employment eligibility of all new employees

hired. The new hire information will be submitted to the E-Verify online system after Form I-9

(Employment Eligibility Form) has been completed. The library district will comply with the

regulations from the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security as outlined in the E-Verify Manual.

In addition, the library district shall post, for prospective employees, E-Verify Program notices when a position is posted.

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