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A clear and open channel for the expression of employee suggestions and complaints is a fundamental principle of sound employee relations. Therefore, each employee is encouraged to talk with his/her supervisory about any problem, complaint, or suggestion that might arise concerning his/her work.

Employees are to use the following procedure in pursuing a grievance:

Step 1: Discuss the grievance with the immediate supervisor within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident. The supervisor will notify the employee within three (3) working days of any action to be taken. If the supervisor believes no action is warranted or possible, the employee will receive an explanation as to the reason for the decision.

Step 2: If the employee feels the problem remains unresolved, the employee may then submit the complaint in writing to the Library Director within three (3) working days for reconsideration. The Library Director or the Library Director and the immediate supervisor may request a personal meeting with the employee. The Library Director will render a decision in writing within three (3) working days after the meeting with the employee.

Step 3: An employee who feels his/her complaint has not received adequate attention in Step 2 may direct the complaint to the Board of Trustees. Such complaints are to be made in writing within three (3) days of receiving the answer provided in Step 2. The board will review any such requests and arrange a meeting with the employee. The Board of Trustees decision is final.

Failure by the grieving employee to comply with these procedures will cause the grievance to be forfeit.

Every effort will be made to resolve problems with the grieving employee. Under no circumstances will an employee be penalized for presenting his/her complaint to his/her supervisor or to the Library Director.

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