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Any employee conduct that violates the Library’s rules or that, in the opinion of the Library Director, interferes with or adversely affects the Library is sufficient grounds for disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can range from coaching to immediate termination. The Library’s general policy is to take disciplinary steps in the following order:

  • Coaching

  • Verbal Warnings

  • Written Warnings

    • Unsatisfactory Performance

    • Unsatisfactory Conduct

  • Probation

  • Termination

However, the Library Director reserves the right to alter the order described above, to skip disciplinary steps, to eliminate disciplinary steps, or to create new and/or additional disciplinary steps. Every attempt will be made to provide the employee an opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior before employment is terminated.

Any permanent full time employee placed on probation will not be allowed to use any accrued vacation time during the probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, the Library Director may reinstate, continue probation, or terminate the employee. If a general wage increase falls within an employee’s probationary period, no wage increase will go into effect for that employee until he/she have satisfactorily completed the probationary period.

In choosing the appropriate disciplinary action, the Library Director may consider any number of factors, including:

  • The seriousness of the employee’s conduct

  • The employee’s history of misconduct

  • The employee’s employment record

  • The employee’s ability to correct the conduct/performance issues

  • The employee’s attitude about the conduct/performance issues

  • The actions the Library has taken for similar conduct/performance issues by other employees

  • How the conduct/performance issues affects the Library, its customers, and the employee’s coworkers

  • Any other circumstances related to the nature of the misconduct, to the employee’s employment with the Library, and to the effect of the misconduct on the business of the Library

The Library Director will give those considerations whatever weight they deem appropriate. Depending on the circumstances, the Library may give some considerations more weight than other considerations—or no weight at all.

Some conduct may result in immediate termination. Here are some examples:

  • Falsification of employment application or medical information

  • Failure to meet the conditions of the initial employment or extended employment period

  • Threatening, assaulting, fighting with or harassing another employee or customer

  • Theft or dishonesty in any form

  • Gross neglect of duty

  • Falsification or destruction of any library record or document

  • Any of the following while on library property:

    • Possession of a weapon

    • Immoral conduct, such as lewd or lascivious behavior

    • Use of alcohol, narcotics, or controlled substances

  • Unauthorized leave of absence

  • Absences for more than three (3) days without notification

  • Failure to supply medical evidence as required

  • Failure to return to work after exhausting all authorized leave (including FMLA)

  • Insubordination—the deliberate refusal to carry out one’s duties, for example:

    • Failure to recognize the authority of a supervisor

    • Raising the voice, i.e. screaming/yelling at a supervisor

    • Ignoring a work order provided it is a legal work order

    • Calling the supervisor names

    • Creating a hostile work environment

    • Displaying disrespect

Of course it is impossible to compile an exhaustive list of the types of conduct that will result in immediate termination. Those listed above are merely illustrations.

Missouri is an at-will employment state. Library employees are not hired under contract. If an employee is not under contract, he/she is an at-will employee. The Library Director can dismiss an at-will employee hired for an indefinite term at any time for any non-discriminatory reason. The employee also has the right to end his/her employment at any time.


8.1A Conference Notes
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9.3A Disciplinary Form Verbal Warning
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9.3B Disciplinary Form Unsatisfactory Performance
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9.3C Disciplinary Form Unsatisfactory Conduct
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9.3D Disciplinary Action Form.docx - Google Docs
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