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Jury Duty: Full time and part time employees will receive time off with pay on scheduled work days when it becomes necessary for them to be absent from work for the purpose of such citizenship obligations as jury duty. Employees serving as jurors will receive full salary and benefits for the duration of jury duty. Total compensation will not exceed the employee’s normal budgeted hours per week. Jury fees need not be surrendered. If an employee is serving on a jury that is released prior to the end of the work day, the employee will report to his/her job at the library. Proof of jury attendance may be required.

Voting: Per Missouri Revised Statutes, any person entitled to vote at any election held within this state shall, on the day of such election, be entitled to be absent from work for a period of three (3) hours between the time of opening and the closing of the polls for the purpose of voting. Absence from work for the purpose of voting will not carry with it any loss of pay or disciplinary action provided that the employee actually votes.

The employee must request time off from his/her supervisor prior to the Election Day in order to be absent without loss of pay or disciplinary action.

If there are three (3) successive hours while the polls are open in which the employee is not scheduled to work, no additional time off will be allowed.

The Library Director may specify any three (3) hours between the time of opening and closing of the polls during which employees may be absent for the purpose of voting.

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