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The Library District provides unpaid military leave for employees in accordance with state and federal laws.

When an employee’s military leave ends, that employee will be reinstated to the position he or she would have held if continuously employed, as long as the employee meets the requirements of federal and state law.

Employees who are called to military service must tell their supervisor and Library Director as soon as possible that they will need to take military leave. The employee shall file with the Library District an official order from the appropriate military authority as evidence of qualifying military duty along with a written leave request before the military leave will be approved.

An employee whose military service has ended must return to work or inform the library that he/she wants to be reinstated in accordance with these guidelines:

  • For a leave of 30 or fewer days, the employee must report back to work on the first regularly scheduled workday after completing military service, allowing for travel time.

  • For a leave of 31-180 days, the employee must request reinstatement within 14 days after military service ends.

  • For a leave of 181 days or more, the employee must request reinstatement within 90 days after military service ends.

The library will continue employee’s health insurance benefits during their leave, under these circumstances:

  • If employee is absent for 30 or fewer days, he/she will be treated as any employee not on leave. The library will continue to pay its share of the insurance premium, and the employee must continue to pay their usual share.

  • If employee’s leave lasts longer than 30 days, he/she will have to pay the entire premium to continue benefits.

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