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Employees may not, at any time, access the Internet, using library equipment or links for any of the following purposes:

  • To view websites that offer pornography, gambling, or violent imagery, or are otherwise inappropriate in the workplace.

  • To operate an outside business, online auction, or other sales site; solicit money for personal purposes; or otherwise act for personal financial gain or profit.

  • To download or copy software, games, text, photos, or any other works in violation of copyright, trademark, or other laws.

  • To stream, run, or download music, video games, widgets, or any form of multimedia, from the Internet.

In accordance with Federal and State law, all library computers are filtered.

The library reserves the right to monitor employee use of the Internet at any time. You should not expect that your use of the Internet—including but not limited to the sites you visit, the amount of time you spend online, and the communications you have—will be private.

Employee workstations are primarily for library work. Employees should limit their personal use of library computers and the Internet to their breaks, lunch or off-duty time. Employees’ personal use of library computers should not interfere with other library employees’ ability to provide service to customers.

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