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You’re The Hero In This Story:

You may not appreciate how many of your friends and neighbors depend on the Library on a weekly or even daily basis. Local kids, teens, adults, and seniors alike connect with knowledge and with each other at the nine library branches that make up the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library. Here are some recent facts and figures:

  • This year our community borrowed more than 350 thousand books and other media titles from the Library.

  • 434 local people “gave back” by volunteering at our Library.

  • Nearly 70 thousand local people participated in over 2700 library programs like the Summer Reading Club.

We don’t know the exact number of children that learned to read by going to our programs. We are not sure how many seniors' lives were enriched & extended by doing chair yoga. But, what we do know is that number is real and it matters to those people and their families.

Because the Library is 100% funded through community support, its positive impact is truly thanks to YOU. Without your help and the help of your friends, and neighbors we wouldn’t be able to continue our mission of connecting people to the transforming power of knowledge.

To find out more about the Library please visit your local library branch or visit us online at


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