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The Library is Adding Some New Tech Services And Discontinuing Others

At the BLRL, we continuously evaluate the services we provide, ensuring the benefits to the community outweigh the cost. Dont worry, popular Library services like Hoopla and Libby are not going anywhere, and soon our patrons will be able to enjoy becoming bilingual with Mango Languages and discovering all types of knowledge with Niche Academy. In recent years, web-based services like these have had thousands of local users. In contrast, the hotspot service's positive impact was limited. Due to the costs of Mobile hotspot service doubling, the Library has reallocated these funds into expanding other areas.

Niche Academy will be a way for our patrons to access help on a wide array of topics that usually require in-person or phone-based conversations. So, you were limited to library hours and staff availability.

Some help seekers don't connect with a staff member who knows the resources. The BLRL plans to use this resource to build a knowledge base for both library patrons and staff. Our goal is to make learning easy and accessible.

Mango Languages offers over 70 world language courses expertly designed to adapt to a diverse range of learning needs, styles, and backgrounds. Soon our BLRL patrons will be able to get the confidence needed to communicate in a new language.

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