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Serious Theft At The Monett Library

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

"The library belongs to everyone in our community, so this criminal really has robbed from all of us." Says Gina Milburn Library Director. She continues, "We have had several attempted thefts and vandalism recently, but this was much more significant."

In the early morning hours of Monday, February 15th on the coldest night in decades, this criminal breached the front door of the Monett Library and seemed not to be rushed. They went through everything and stole items ranging from postage money to employee's flash drives and personal items from employees' desks. They gained access to the Library's storage building making off with thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies. "It was like they were shopping; dumping children's books on the floor to use the boxes for electronics, DVDs, and other valuables" Gina Milburn recounts.

"We honestly feel kind of violated, personal items like photos of our kids were taken. We have suffered a serious loss of equipment and materials that benefited the whole region. It's sad that anyone would steal items that were meant to be shared with everyone." remarked the library director.

The security measures at the Library facility in Monett were improved last year, after an attempted break-in, but now an advanced security system, including outdoor cameras, is planned to be added. If anyone knows has information about this crime please report it to the Monett Police Department.


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