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Our Rural Communities and Why They Love Their Libraries

Most people around here take pride in where we live; our family trees may have deep roots here or we may be transplants that selected this place to grow. We all know that the stereotype of people from the country is not always too accurate for our community. The people of Barry and Lawrence Counties have a tradition of being independent, forward-thinking, and hardworking.

We want it all, our close-knit Ozarks community and to stay connected to the wider world. We want access to technology and education right alongside our down-to-earth values. Here at the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library, we try hard to be that link for you.

We not only offer computers for our patrons to use but also the friendly librarians here to help you with tech questions. We maintain high-speed wireless internet and also digital resources for you to download. We still have one of the largest collections of hardcover and paperback books in the state, but also offer multiple "mobile apps" and websites that allow you to access knowledge at your location.

Over 60 years ago our community committed to building our library system. They wanted to ensure the cities of Barry and Lawrence counties were not going to fall behind other communities. Those generations clearly saw that life-long learning was a noble cause to support. They somehow appear to have known that the "information age" was on the way; and today we see that what you know, especially when it comes to technology, is supremely important for all segments of our society.

We invite you to drop by your local library and connect with all the services we have there to offer you. Kids, teens, and adults all will find programs and resources that are tailored to their interests. Your library is a part of our tradition and your own library story will be part of your legacy. Start your library story today.


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