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College Students Find Help at The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library

More and more students are taking online college classes remotely from home, and many are turning to their trusted local librarian to get extra help.

A Barry-Lawrence Regional Librarian can be mailed students tests and act as a "proctor" administering the exam. The librarian observes the test-taker and then sends the paperwork back to the University. "BlrLibrarian's" mission is to help people connect to knowledge, so they are a great all-around resource to those enrolled in college courses. Carolyn (Librarian in Pierce City) says "This week I was able to help a young woman with citations for a college paper for an online college class. She had a sample format, but didn't understand what it meant. I was able to answer her questions about the different parts of a research paper and what the citation numbers signified. It feels great to help these patrons, and they truly seem to appreciate these services. I go out of my way try to make patrons feel welcome when they come to the Library, and we are always trying to find new ways to help them."

If you are interested in arranging a librarian test proctor, please contact your local branch of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library. You can reach out to us online at


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