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Communities Rooms Bring Us Together At The Library

Did you know non-profit groups can reserve BLRL Community Rooms for FREE? Other groups, including private events (like family parties), can book the community rooms for less than most other rentable locations.

Aurora, Cassville, Marionville, Monett, Mt. Vernon, Pierce City, and Shell Knob Library locations all have reservable community spaces of various sizes suitable for groups of all sizes, including over 100 people at the BLRL Flagship Branch Monett. Most rooms have some kitchen facilities and Audio-visual capabilities like big-screen TVs. You can access the policies about community room use here.

To learn more, contact your local BLRL Branch location to find out specifics and make reservations:

The Aurora Library

Phone: 417-678-2036 / Fax: 417-678-2041

The Cassville Library

Phone: 417-847-2121 / Fax: 417-847-4679

The Marionville Library

Phone: 417-463-2675 / Fax: 417-463-2116

The Monett Library

Phone: 417-235-7350 / Fax: 417-319-2391

The Mt. Vernon Library

Phone: 417-466-2921 / Fax: 417-466-2936

The Pierce City Library

Phone: 417-476-5110 / Fax: 417-408-8810

The Shell Knob Library

Phone: 417-858-3618 / Fax: 417-720-2099


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