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A Resource At Tax-Time:

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Your local branch of the BLRL can be a resource for those that are filing their taxes. Library staff cannot advise or prepare patrons' tax forms but we are happy to help in other ways.

Here are 5 ways the library can make tax-time less "taxing" for our patrons:

  1. All branches have up-to-date computers for patrons to use for electronic tax filing.

  2. Our fast internet will make downloading and reading tax documents more convenient.

  3. Black and white printing on a high-quality printer is available.

  4. All branches now have faxing services for only ten cents per page.

  5. Finally, you can search online for local tax professionals if you need help preparing your tax returns.

To find the BLRL location closest to you click the link below:


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