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Who Is The Greatest Of All Time in Your Eyes?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

We ask our Summer Reading Challenge Participants to share with the Library Community who they held as a hero or the Greatest Of All Time and below are some of the responses we received via the Online Summer Reading Challenge Game (you can sign up click here)

My hero is my dad. He is my hero because he is always there for me through thick and thin, makes the worse better, and supports me throughout my life.
Goose from Monett


Mr. Gary Jones is a hero of mine. He was a kind man and a great mentor to many. I had the honor of teaching with Mr. Jones for many years. He was a farmer, a basketball player, a Vietnam Veteran, a pilot, a scoreboard operator, a teacher, and most importantly he was a friend.
David from Miller


"My greatest hero Edward Jenner because he perfected vaccines that helped to wipe out smallpox and led to the many wonderful vaccines we have today."
Isla from Monett


My cousin Bella she is so nice and caring.
Mackenzie from Mt. Vernon


"My hero is my mom. She is kind, giving, and caring."
Victoria in Miller


"My dad, Doyal, was born in 1928 during the height of the great depression. At the age of 2, lost his mother and was raised by his dad. They traveled the country harvesting crops for different farmers. He joined the army at 17, at the end of WW2. Even though he never served overseas, he continued in this path during his life and retired from the army. He was also a strong Christian man that lived as such an example to his family and friends. We lost him in June 2018. He will always have such a big part of my heart!"
Lorrie form Marionville

More coming soon...


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