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Study Links Library Supporters and Success In Life!

Updated: May 2, 2018

"So if you're "rockin it" in your education and career you probably are a library fan. "

Recently a study shows the well-educated and successful support libraries. The statewide research shows that folks with PhDs and Masters overwhelmingly considered libraries to be a vital part of every community. Also, those with no degree that earn higher incomes support local libraries. The study said that over 90% of Households that made over $60k a year would oppose reducing funding to libraries. So if you're "rockin it" in your education and career you probably are a library fan.

It's hard to say if well-educated people got that way due to their fondness for going to the library, or if during their education they developed an appreciation of the services the library offers; probably a bit of both. But what this university study shows is that library supporters are the smarter and wealthier segments of the community.

This finding is one reason why fostering an appreciation for the library may be one of the best things you can do for your kids and grandkids future success. The staff of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library get excited about seeing parents bring kids to storytime and our other kid-focused programs. In a recent interview Library Director, Gina Milburn referred to them a "jewel moments" the library's credo is Connect, Transform, Inspire... this is why librarians devote there lives to providing service to their community.

link to the whole study and other resources provided by the ALA are below


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