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BLRL Updates Pandemic Guidelines

10 quick reference points about the Library's Pandemic Guidelines.

(To learn more about these policies you can read the full text in the linked PDF at the bottom of the page.)

  • Presently all library facilities are open for business as usual. Check back here for changes to our normal operations or scheduled programs.

  • Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear a mask and to socially distance themselves while in a library facility.

  • Patrons will not be able to enter the building if they display signs of illness.

  • Curbside service is available upon request.

  • Online library services, and outside WIFI are available for all patrons

  • Until further notice, the library district will not be providing any in-person outreach programs.

  • Desktop computer use is for 60 minutes at a time per patron per day.

  • Hand sanitizer and face masks will be provided to patrons as needed.

  • Meeting room use and library programming will continue as scheduled with capacity restrictions. Please check with branch staff for capacity rules.

  • Children’s toys will be provided on a limited basis at each location upon request and will be cleaned after each use.

Pandemic Guidelines--Revision January 2022.docx - Google Docs
Download PDF • 77KB


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