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Another New Library Service: Mobile Hotspots

You can now check out the Internet, just like checking out a book at the BLRL. The Library is adding Wi-Fi Hotspots that you are able to check out for free. These small rechargeable mobile gizmos provide web access for a whole household's worth of devices, only limited by your location's T-Mobile "cell" signal and bandwidth.

"We know that everyone (especially kids) seem to be relying on the Internet for education, communication, and about everything else these days. The Library saw this need and developed the Wi-Fi Hot Spot service to meet it." Says Library Director Gina Millburn. She continues, "Many students live in homes without Internet access; these new Hotspots can solve this problem for them. Even a temporary internet outage is very disruptive if your family depends on internet access for school-work or other daily requirements."

Here are a few of the highlighted details about this new service:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots are free for BLRL Patrons to borrow.

  • You can connect up to fifteen devices to the mobile Hotspot.

  • The checkout period is for 14 days with renewals up to two times, if no one else is waiting for it.

  • The replacement fee for a lost or destroyed Hotspot is $ 84.00

  • Internet content provided by the Hotspots is filtered in compliance with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) laws.

  • The hotspot program should start in late August 2020.

Call or visit your local BLRL branch location to place a hold on a mobile hotspot, or use the Library's online catalog at All users of the mobile hotspots provided by the library district must abide by the Internet and Computer Use Policy. Full details are available on the Library's website policies and procedures doc. found on our website.

The Library was awarded a Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Grant that helped bring these into our community.

Everything the Library does is funded by community support; Thank you.


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