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Updated: Feb 2, 2021


"Yes, the new Monett Library is finally happening for our community." Says Library district spokesman and life-long Monett resident Greg Brown. "The old Monett building has been outpaced by the growth and success of Monett. It's been a long time since that old library facility met our needs. The existing Monett library is nearly fifty years old and was never designed to house the Library's materials distribution center, regional offices, and a library branch that serves the Monett area. Additionally, the 70's era building can't easily be expanded because it is hemmed in on all sides."

"Over many years, the Library has built up community donations for this project. We have never given up on the vision of making the district's largest community (Monett) the home of an awesome flagship library. And, with the community's help, that's what we are doing over the next year. This project is just one part of a district-wide initiative to reimagine Library spaces across the district as outlined in our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan," says Brown.

The new location will make the Monett Library part of the "Educational Corridor," with it being just two blocks from the Scott Tech Center, High School, Performing Arts Center, and the New Middle School site. Cindy Frazier, the Monett Library Supervisor, says, "This location is going to make the Monett Branch great for families. We believe it will especially encourage teens to make the Library a place for them to learn, study and get involved in Library programs."

Below are some facts and details about the New Monett Library project.

Groundbreaking: The groundbreaking is scheduled for the middle of August of this year (2021). You can find updates about this project on the website.

Construction: The structure should be completed in an estimated twelve months from groundbreaking. After this, there will be a two-three month period to move in and do final interior furnishing and finishing touches to have it ready for the public. A grand opening is planned for fall 2022.

Costs: Due to the pandemic, building supply costs are volatile, so the project's cost is estimated to be 5.75 to 6 Million. It's the biggest and most ambitious Library building in BLRL history.

Fundraising: We are halfway to our goal of 6 Million dollars. However, the Monett community has a record of not backing down from ambitious projects, so we are optimistic about meeting our goal. We have designated donations and funds roughly totaling approximately 3 million dollars, but we will need to raise an additional 3 million to reach our 6 million goal. Donation info can be found on the website or by calling 417-235-6646.


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