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Employees should at all times maintain loyalty in both speech and action toward the library. It is the duty of each employee to aid in the development and maintenance of a good public image of the library. Courtesy to customers and other staff members is a must at all times.

Employees are to refrain from discussing library policy outside the library; this includes voicing opinions on controversial matters affecting the library. Criticism or ridicule of a customer will not be tolerated. Library employees should refrain from congregating while on duty. A customer’s personal information should never be discussed in public areas of the library.

The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library Code of Ethics outlines the rules of conduct expected of all employees.

Assigned Duties—Each employee may be assigned specific areas for which he/she are responsible. However, employees are expected to be generally familiar with all areas of library operations.

Personal Communication Devices—Employees may not use personal communication devices of any kind in any public area of the library. Personal communication devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, watches, tablets, laptops, etc.

Professional Development—It is the duty of each employee to review new developments in the profession by regularly reading professional materials and to be conscious of new published materials by reading book reviews regularly.

Smoking/Vaping—Employees are prohibited from smoking and/or vaping in all public and non-public areas of the library building.

Telephones—The library’s telephone system is for business use only. Employees are expected to keep personal calls to a minimum.


9.1A Code of Ethics
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Revision approved by the Board of Trustees, August 18, 2022

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