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On August 24th, 2021, we broke ground on The New Monett Library. The roughly 20,000 square feet of the New Monett Library is designed with the “something for everyone” concept; some of the notable features are the ample children’s area, outdoor covered patio, teen area cyber cafe, and convenient drive-up window. Also, a large community room that connects to the “Inspiration Kitchen,” a demonstration kitchen made to facilitate cooking classes and other food-based programs. This Library will enrich the lives of the whole community and needs the support of the whole community to succeed.


Bringing this innovative “Flagship Library” to Monett is ambitious and challenging enough without volatility in construction materials costs threatening to push the total price tag over six million dollars. We need your support.


We need approximately $1,745,000 in additional funding. The Library District has committed $3.5 million in funds already, leaving $2.5 million in required contributions from the community. As of July of 2021, donations to the New Monett Library total around $755,000, leaving approximately $1,745,000 in funding yet to raise. Now is the time for you to consider donating. We are Building the Heart of the Community and invite you to join us.

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