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Changes are coming to your Library, either improvements due to updated funding or further reductions. 


This measure would add 7 Cents to the current County Property Tax Levy; that is about $15 more per year on the average property. ​

The proposed funding is for the general operation of the entire Library district and will fund every branch Library location. 

Our current tax rate is set at a 15¢ maximum (14.6¢ actually collected.) This outdated rate is from 1973 and is now causing reductions in services that will continue if not updated. 

Whether you are a library supporter or oppose library funding the best way to be heard is to BE A VOTER on June 2nd.



EXPANDING THE COLLECTION of books & media available for our patrons to borrow. Every library will have more of the most popular titles to check out. Also, updating computers & adding many new patron-use computer stations. Adding new educational kid’s computers in every library across the district. 

IMPROVING & RENOVATING ALL LIBRARY FACILITIES with proper continued maintenance. Also, amazing new facilities are slated for construction in both the Monett & Shell Knob communities.

EXTENDING HOURS of operation and adding days library locations are open in every library branch.

DEVELOPING BETTER PROGRAMS for kids, teens & adults like Summer Reading Club, Adult Art Club & Family Gardening Class being among many planned additions. 



FEWER BOOKS & OTHER MEDIA: Without added funding, there will be reductions in media purchases. This will result in longer waits for popular books & a smaller collection of books and other media to borrow.  Ending some computer-based services and reduction of online services like HOOPLA & LIBBY. 

STRUGGLING TO AFFORD BASIC MAINTENANCE of all facilities & little improvements to library buildings or spaces.

REDUCING HOURS OF SERVICE with the possibility of additional library locations being completely closed.

SHUTTING DOWN SOME COMMUNITY PROGRAMS; depriving 60 thousand kids, teens, adults, & seniors of access to enhanced programs that they count on to enrich their lives. 

Library Funding Timeline  BE A VOTER JUNE 2nd


The library has a duty to give you the facts about this issue. The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library has provided this document to help you to become an informed voter. If you believe the community should pass the 7 cent tax levy for the library, or if you want to oppose support for the library, The best way to have your opinion count is to BE A VOTER on April 7th.



The library’s collection of materials will increase: We will add more books, audiobooks, and other materials for patrons. We will be able to afford more of the most popular titles and bring the library to a broader segment of our community through mobile “Bookmobile” services. Our goal at the library is to bring the library to everyone, including more remote, under-served communities in both Barry and Lawrence counties.

Children, teens, adults, and seniors will enjoy better library programs that educate & inspire. More of the very best programs will be available for the entire community. In the past, our library has simply not had the funding to bring in the hottest speakers or host the most popular events; this will change with added funding. Library leadership recognizes that bringing the best programs to our community is a priority. We are committed to improvement in this area; by implementing new dedicated event & program staffing and making sure all programs are adequately funded. 

Extending hours of operation and adding days library locations are open. We will tailor our service to the needs of the community; currently, we can’t afford to staff all library locations to the level the community requires. Our library district’s funding is well below the state-mandated level (20 cents per $100.) If the “7 cents for the Library” property tax initiative is approved, we will be able to meet our community’s needs. 

Improving & renovating all libraries across the district: Our library district is blessed to have some well-designed modern facilities. Still, we also have some buildings that are in need of renovations and other library facilities that need to be completely replaced. Although the “7 Cents” property tax initiative is for general library operation, the funds would help facility maintenance and improvement projects to be completed promptly. As part of the library’s strategic plan, all library locations will be re-imagined and modernized over the coming years. 

Maintaining updated computers & adding to online services. You have probably noticed that the library computers are almost always full; Everyday patrons are busy writing resumes, submitting applications and tax documents, or doing self-directed online learning.  Many of your friends and neighbors depend on the library to be their link to modern technology and electronic communication. The in-library computers are just part of what we bring to the community; we are on pace to have well over 30,000 visits to our website this year, and this doesn’t include our two media-service apps (Hoopla & Libby).  Keeping up with our community’s needs for technology-based services demands some expanded funding in this area. The library intends to keep growing and expanding these popular features to the thousands of users that depend on them with the added funds provided by the “7 cents for the library funding initiative.”


In Barry and Lawrence counties, the average property’s tax will increase by about 15 dollars per year, which is less than the cost of a single hardback book. For example, the owner of a $100,000 home with a vehicle worth $15,000 would pay about $15.50 more in property taxes per year.

The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library has provided this document to help you to become an informed voter. If you believe the community should pass the 7 cent tax levy for the library, or if you want to oppose support for the library, The best way to have your opinion count is to BE A VOTER on June 2nd.


This message was paid for by the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library, Julie Vaughn Treasurer